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The ins and outs of Public Ivies

An interactive data-driven news story.


Find the facts.

This piece explores the trends in out-of-state student enrollment at three of the nation’s top universities with the use of interactive data visualizations. The tuition data for this story was compiled from 7 different sources for UNC-Chapel Hill, U-Va., and UC-Berkeley.

The UNC-Chapel Hill data for this story came from the UNC Office of Institutional Research & Assessment and UNC Libraries. Data on tuition and enrollment at the University of California at Berkeley came from the University of California System Infocenter and the UC-Berkeley Office of the Registrar. Data on tuition at the University of Virginia came from the University Registrar and the U-Va. Budget Office. Enrollment numbers were provided by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Make it personal.

The story also includes a custom interactive that allows the user to input the year they entered UNC-Chapel Hill and see the price of tuition for themselves, their parents and their grandparents. Accounting for inflation, I paid nearly 9 times what my grandparents would have paid to attend UNC. That’s a symptom of a broken system that hits close to home for many Americans.

Build and re-build quickly.

Let’s face it - this piece was built with Bootstrap. The tool was incredibly popular in the undergraduate program at UNC, but has fallen out of favor in in the industry. While I no longer develop using Bootstrap, learning how to build UI quickly using utility classes prepared me to work with teams using Tailwind and other utility-first CSS frameworks.