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Here’s what I care about.


Clear, transparent communication.

When working with clients and internal teams, I tell the truth, and I expect the same of others. I love a well-worded email, project plan, and meeting notes.

Hands-on collaboration.

Project management isn’t just telling people what to do. Sometimes, it’s doing it alongside the team. I’m a strategist with a Google Calendar habit.

Digital accessibility.

I believe that the digital world is for all people - including those with physical, mental and economic barriers to access. Accessibility is an equity challenge that can only be met with knowledge. That’s why I’m working toward a certification as a Web Accessibility Specialist, leading accessibility QA to WCAG standards, and advocating for testing across device tiers.

Empathy and interpersonal connection.

I pivoted to project management for the people. As a former journalism student, I’m obsessed with story. My favorite projects are the ones that show me something about my fellow humans –whether they’re clients, audiences, or teammates.

LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

I care about making the world a better place for LGBTQIA+ people to live and work.